Manneken Cirk


   Première october 13th 2018 in La Roseraie (Brussels)

Manneken Cirk

Un cabaret très féminin, et un peu magique


Artistic Director : Philippe Vande Weghe
in collaboration with : Benji Bernard, Etienne Borel,
Christian Gmünder

With :
Camille Judic
Lola Ruiz
Jakobe Geens
Mary Schroeder
Pedro Silva
Violette Wauters
Jeromy Zwick

Director : Philippe Vande Weghe

Technic : Geoffroy de Hasque et Mathieu Moerenhout
Costumes : Natalia Fandiño

With the cooperative support of La Roseraie (Brussels), who have been hosting the Argonauts in-house since 1998. In partnership with La Roseraie and Latitude 50 - pôle arts du cirque. With the help of the Circus, Fairground and Street Performances section of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.